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I am a teacher in Danish Folk Dance and Traditional Square Dance and in the old Danish party dance Les Lanciers.

This is a picture of my husband and myself wearing our regional costumes from the North of Falstria.
We also share another hobby which is difficult to pursue in Denmark: We are Rodeo afficionados.

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My Curriculum Vitae is in Danish

Danish Folk Dance

We have about 700 folk dances in Denmark.
They vary somewhat from one area to another, even in such a small country.

The music is intimately connected with the dance: each dance has one particular melody.

We have many types of dances:

  1. Couple dance
  2. Two Couples
  3. Triplets, also in Circle
  4. Squares constitute the greater part of our dances
  5. Longways and Contras
  6. Two Gals and one Groom
    We even have one example of the ancient chain dance, similar to the French Branle Simple.

The music is always played on the fiddle, for special occasions
by a quartet of two fiddlers, a clarinet and a bass.
Other instruments are also used : flute, bassoon, viola.
And, to the regret of many traditionalists, the accordeon and the guitar.

Square Dance

is very popular in Denmark.
We have live music only on special occasions such as a ball; all training is done to music on tape or CD.

Both trends are represented;
the Traditional and the Modern.
We ourselves are associated with the Traditional

Over the years, I have written close on a hundred dances, and I am now in the process of publishing my own dances. If you want to see them, go to the Grand Square homepage and click on "Birgits danse". Some forty dances are described there, and more will follow in due course.

The homepage of this group which was started in 2003 is in Danish, but my contributions are in English.
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